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Project Overview
Worn Wanderers is a fully wearable card game! Everything you need to play fits on a lanyard!
How to Play

Every turn of Worn Wanderers is 3 simple steps:

Step 1: Choose Your Attacker And A Target

animation of step 1

Choose one of the characters in your party to be the attacker, and choose one of your opponent's characters as the target.

Step 2: Compare Stats to See Who Is Hit

Animation of step 2

Compare your character's attack to the target's defense, and they counterattack and do the same. If a character's attack is equal to or greater than the other's defense, they are hit!

Step 3: Hit Characters Take A Wound

animation of step 3

Each character that was hit by the other takes a wound, and their top card is rotated out of the way (and locks into place at 270°). Wounded character's now have a higher level card revealed, as the adrenaline of combat sinks in and they dig deep for their resolve to fight for the resources they need to stay alive!

First Player to Reveal 6 Loot Wins!

6 Loot Wins!

The first player to defeat enough of their opponent's character's to reveal 6 of their loot wins, grabbing the loot and running away to fight another day now that you have the necessary supplies!

Don't forget about abilities!

Combat is rarely so straightforward, though! The hardened survivors you battle may enlist their cohorts for powerful combo attacks, pierce your armor for extra damage, lay traps for your characters, or more!

Examples of various combat abilities


Games are quick and strategic, designed to be played when and wherever you meet an opponent. You may need to take out your opponent’s rogue before they poison your heavily armored paladin, but is that more urgent than the fearsome minotaur who threatens to cut your beloved bardic mascot off from their allies? Which character is guarding the best loot? Is it their heavily-warded battle mage, or are they bluffing by giving their glass-cannon berserker the priceless goods?

Every Character Is Fully Customizable!

Building a character is fun and accessible, with all of the flexibility of building a deck for a TCG, but in a fraction of the time. Each character has a mix of four attributes, represented by their color pips. Each color represents preferred combat tactics, a general philosophy, and even backstory! Each card has a color as well, and a level (one, two, or three).

Character Building Examples

To build a character, simply select one card of each level using no more cards of a given color than your character has pips. Finally, each character guards some of your precious loot and must be given one of your required loot cards, which they will drop when defeated. Once you’ve done that for your 6 characters, you’re ready to play!


Collecting Worn Wanderers

While a starter set includes everything you need, with 6 predetermined characters and 12 additional cards to experiment with, one of the best parts about Worn Wanderers comes with building your team! In addition to the 12 characters in the starter sets, there are an additional 18 to collect from booster packs, and every one comes with 7 randomized cards you can use to power up and customize your existing team too!

This is just a small portion of the characters you can collect!
This is just a small portion of the characters you can collect!

If you want more options though, there is a variety of character pins and cards to collect. You can swap the defensive Dr. Darcy Winthrop from the Might of the Wild starter set with the wildly aggressive Crusher Ig you open in a booster pack to give your party some real punching power! Or, if you like having Darcy on your team, you can give her a power-up by customizing her with the rare Blue card from your booster!

Collectors and story tellers will relish the thrill of opening or trading for their favorite characters. Strategists will love opening up the perfect card that offers the perfect tactical advantage their team was looking for!

So Why Back Worn Wanderers?

  • Worn Wanderers is easy to bring with you wherever you go!
  • Gameplay is fast AND strategic!
  • The teambuilding options are endless!
  • The premium quality game components double as beautiful accessories!
  • Worn Wanderers is a great way to make friends!
  • It’s a thrill to collect!
  • All the joy of deckbuilding without the hassle!
Kickstarter Exclusive Rhee Herdculler


Every Backer can add limited edition Rhee Herdculler pins to their pledge during the campaign (limit 3 per backer). These pins are premium double-layered "pin-on-pins" with Rhee's leg busting out of the frame into real life! Edition size will be determined by the number ordered by this campaign, and each pin will be marked with a unique edition number.

Limited Edition Loot Cards

In addition to exclusive pin add-ons, all loot cards printed as part of this campaign will have limited edition art only available here! As one of the first parties to emerge from the ashes of the Descent of the Devourers, your party will have the best pickings of the loot scavenged from the Age of Artifice!

Loot illustration


Project Videos

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Influencer Reviews

Player Testimonials


Delrii: The World of Worn Wanderers

The setting for Worn Wanderers, Delrii, is a rich world we've spent hours writing about. You can find bios of many of the characters on the Worn Wanderers Blog, and there's still so much more to share!

Map of Delrii
Map of Delrii

So what is Delrii like? In years past, combining clockwork inventions of master artificers with mass-produced enchantments allowed people everywhere to enjoy a comfortable life in an intellectual golden-age. Average citizens of all races from Goblins to Elves could scry information from far-flung libraries, send magic messenger imps to each other, or delegate tough physical labor to golems. Scholars dubbed it “The Age of Artifice'' and it was wonderful.

Then the Devourers came. These indescribable extra-dimensional terrors materialized all across Delrii in any place with a concentrated population. The Devourers rampaged through cities everywhere, consuming countless innocent people of every creed and country in a night that would come to be known as The Descent of the Devourers. In the following weeks, survivors who fled to the countryside started to coalesce again to rebuild their cities, but Devourers reappeared wherever they gathered in sufficient numbers, bringing more death and destruction. It became apparent to those left in the world that this was the new way of things. If they gathered in large groups, they risked becoming Devourer food. They had entered The Age of Endless Hunger.

This is where you come in. Now, Wanderers travel together in loosely associated groups, just like your party, scavenging dwindling resources from the bygone era of magical wonder. Most stay on the move; to build any sort of society is to risk drawing a crowd or just a stronger band of nomads who would steal the fruits of other’s labor. Some seek a way to defeat the Devourers for good and rebuild society. Others revel in the new world that freed them from their burdensome morals or returned them to harmony with nature. In any case, one thing is true: The survivors are weary. They are Worn Wanderers.


Who Are We?

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